Dear The Jakarta Post readers,

Thank you for your trust and support.

The Jakarta Post continuously strives to make improvements to meet the needs of our readers. Starting April 24, 2021, we have integrated our digital products, e-paper and Premium Digital, into one subscription plan: e-Post.

e-Post is the latest product from The Jakarta Post that combines Premium Digital, our basic digital plan, with an e-paper product that can be accessed through our website and app. It offers monthly and daily subscriptions and can be customized for your workplaces and businesses. With e-Post, you can enjoy a new experience with an integrated, fast and reliable platform to access our legacy journalism.

For New Subscriber:

If you haven’t subscribed to any of our digital products, you can get an e-Post subscription.


Already a subscriber?

If you have subscribed to our Premium Digital or e-paper through Pressreader, please follow the guidance below to upgrade your plan to include e-Post.

  1. If you are a Premium Digital subscriber, you can login directly to your account and upgrade your packages.
  2. If you are a Pressreader subscriber, we have moved your account from Pressreader to e-Post with the same email address. Please contact to get a password.
  3. If you have both Premium Digital and Pressreader subscriptions, please contact

For Pressreader subscribers

If you wish to open the e-paper through Pressreader (formerly Newspaper Direct), you can click the following link


If you have any questions regarding this transfer process or want to learn more about The Jakarta Post subscription products, please contact us at

Thank you for your enthusiasm and cooperation.

Subscriptions Team

The Jakarta Post